Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Dig deep in Me !!

at some point I actually believe that u can grip my heart back and thrill me with your action but it's seem like I was wrong I'm just fallen out of love some how.

I thought u would take advantage of this chance 2 show me how much u need me to let me realize how much u grow up to make things better than they had ever been before.

Last time I saw you I was leaving with hope I had faith in you. You were smiling and I thought that's it… that's it the sun will shine soon in that moment I was actually dancing screaming from happiness. He finally understands he finally accept me for who I'm with my madness moments with my silent moments with my passion with my uniqueness with all my little things. Then days goes by and we were talking, I intend to smile I intend to show that I have hope in you but my heart aches more and more every time we finish our call I guess I was waiting and it felt like dancing alone even with out music we were in different worlds separated… I was hoping and you were there just watching I couldn't understand why you still not the man I want why he is acting like that? I'm totally confused and that's shock me… kills me I can't figure out my man my only prince I have ever lived with in my fairy tale for more than 5 years. My best friend told me I grow up my needs are growing too I need so much more than words I need action I need to see a change , need 2 understand much more .I need some reasons why you are doing that?

And what freaks me out that I loved you I didn’t try to fix you because I accepted u for who you are. But could you for one sec see me for who I'm. Could u dig deep inside of me? Could u love the darkest thing in me! Could u love the craziest thing I have ever done? Could u hear me ... I have been singing for a while waiting for you to listen. I have stayed enough to notice me. But still I'm sure u didn't dig enough 2 know the true me? Do you have the effort or are you just okay with what you know because that's not enough for me I need more and that's not selfish its intimacy I'm seeking here and that's what really counts! I did for you much more I could live a whole day for you and no one will notice I know all about u I know how u sleep . How u drink, Eat .how even walk I can tell you what you did for a whole day I loved your darkest secrets I listen to your little breath between the words. Was that not enough for you? Even so I'm still trying I'm still digging I'm still there even in my worst time in my life.

nahla ali

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Spices things up!!!

Remember the first 8 months of your relations???

They were so fun so amazing that you can't forget

The sweet feeling you shared and every single hour "I love you and I miss you" texting and the talking all night long.

Well when time goes by things disappears because of the routine and boredom which is number one couples break up. So how can you spices things up again and make your love life more exciting???

It's not easy to bring everything back so quickly but it worth the effort.

Always search for new things …

Don’t hang out at the same place every single outing

I know lots of memory and all of that but a new place will have new memories and lots of fun too.

Plan a whole day like old days and do everything you love to do together or Go on trip…

It's so important from time to time to go on trip …have time to focus on each other… have a long walk or talk :D remind each other why you like each other in the first place…so refreshing for the relation.

It doesn’t matter how many dates you have been on…look your best or wear something new so he/she will sees you in new fresh way…make every date special that's number one key to very happy relation.

Let's do it!!!

Go learn new things together like play sport together it show the competitive side of both of you plus its lots of fun.

Go for dancing classes together. If you like drawing then head to anywhere where you can draw freely and try to draw each other that will be so funny. Go for karaoke night and sing for each other and make it embarrassing as much as you can: D.

Start a project (or think of one LOL)

It's great to see each other working for the same aim

Make you grow stronger and learn plus you will share passion. Me my self love to share my ideas with my partner lo 7ata 7aga most7el he /she will be glad to share such a dream


Little things always matter the most…if he/she is having a long day surprise him/her by a small message with lovely words or even a short call. Just remind them that you are thinking of him/her.

Take it's slowly

It helps the relation to be alive for much longer time and make it much special for every step, it's like we have something to look forward to and not like

Been there and there … ah and there too… done that.

Don’t ever never forget a birthday or anniversary or even say we have been together for so long so whatever forget about it that ruin the relationship.

Nahla Ali,