Tuesday, April 27, 2010

you and my beautiful earring!

I panic! I do panic at losing things, people, and feeling!

I rarely lose but every time I'm close of losing something I panic even a feeling I panic when I lose faith , hope or respect/trust to someone!

So I had this beautiful earring my mum gave to me its so old and stunning white demands look like a flower I once lost a pair in the house I searched for it for days until I found it and kept it safe some where! so I wouldn’t lose it again forgetting the other pair in my ear I forgot about it for like 6 month until yesterday I was playing with my hair and felt the empty place for my earring I ran to my room and put my earring back the moment my eye found it that day I felt like a piece of me is back beautiful what I felt! beside my view I sit so I can see the sky and my daisy flowers I sit there for my daily watching stars at mid night suddenly I found him under my view the moment I popped my head he called me on my cell phone and his first word was "I missed you" he having been

Standing there for an hour waiting for me to show up when I was extremely sure that I lost him that sometimes when I remember our days together it felt like a delusion didn’t even happen just my imagination but he came back! Just like my earring I felt the emptiness where it was but couldn't remember to put it back!

maybe sometime something meant to be lost to be found in another perfect timing or maybe sometime something meant to be lost so other new things can come I'm not certain about it but what I'm sure of is that there is a reason behind it and good feeling worth waiting for!