Tuesday, November 3, 2009

A letter to depression!

Dear depression:

I know we have been together for a long time

I understand that you must be there in my life from time to time; but I'm kindly asking you for a break … would it you please understand why I need a break? Because

Two days ago I was the happiest person on earth!! Life was great … I spent 2 days with my best friend hanging out laughing that was heavenly to me after those dark months

And then it hit me again …. You hit me again Depression. ..And why? Is two days too much for me>? I just wanna have some peace. ..To be able to smile for days...to enjoy the blue sky and my favorite season … to enjoy the rain...to enjoy every drop of it!!

The weird thing is that I'm very optimistic person … I love hope faith and light …so why you keep hitting me like you can't find someone else? I have learned a lot about life but what still freak me out , I will admit what I didn’t learn yet … my mistakes … loving too much …forgiving too easy… trusting too quickly and expect the same from people I think I will stick with the quote " give more and … expect less "

Regardless that I believe that forgiveness is the most powerful thing anyone can do and not everyone is able to do such a thing … its very hard extremely hard.

I never figured out why I suffer this much?? Do I choose the wrong people in my life??

No I have lot of great friends and I love every single one of them then why suddenly everything is a mess!! Such a mess and my biggest hole where one of my best friend and I mean the best is not there beside me and I dunno why ...such a lose such a waste of time to be apart god I miss how we used to be!!

So please give me a chance to fix my life ...to breathe …I wanna stand on my feet again

My dearest depression … please accept my request


Your favorite person.

Nahla ali