Saturday, October 22, 2011

He is like..

Trees don't sing anymore I can only hear secret whispering and mocking sighs, cold wind ruining my pretty braids. And the only wish I beg for is that to know what you really feel? Do I ever cross your mind? Have you seen a sigh of my smile randomly in your eyes? But something keeps trying to convince me that apart of you wished for me and for this part I linger myself on you. But yesterday not yesterday literally we can say lately I turned into heavy teardrops watering the flowers of my pillow. I stuff my heart's pocket with unwanted emotions and mostly at the night, air smelled of dried rose petals and he, he is like starlight that floats on the lake at night. Like sleeping lily pads. Sometimes he is like the moonlight drowned by the waves of the sea. Loud, but you can't hear him and I wake up every morning staring out the balcony window at the clouds with my hair tied up in a soft ribbon thinking of you forever again.