Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Where I am from!!

I'm from every laugh you can hear

From every curl in my hair

From every sign into the dark

From every hope I belonged

Sunlight, dream on

Fallen stars and blue sky

I'm from the lyrics in the songs

From the tone of your voice

From the sweet smile on every face

From every child running free

Lollipops and chocolate chips

Colorful balloons and flying kiss

I'm from cold nights and warm hugs

Strawberry swings and dandruff field

Flying kite and singing birds

Close friends and inside jokes

I'm from every wave in the sea

Shells, sands and Diamonds Ocean

Fairy tales and mermaids

From every shadow of wonder

million fireflies and every rain drop

From every tear went free

Broken heart and silent moments

From every mistake with grace

Memories, priceless pictures and diaries

From every word written beautifully

I'm from every "I love u" that took my breath away

I'm from every detail that made me in love with you.

Idea taken from ~"Tabitha Bir"

And her awesome blog: http://tabithabird.blogspot.com/