Sunday, November 22, 2009

Be alive

Get inspired by everything in your life

Get inspired by the rain, by the sun, by the air, by the sea.

By sadness, by happiness, by loneliness

Every feeling is there for you to get inspired, to create, to be creative.

Live in the moment!! Feel the sun on your skin, feel the air going through your hair

Run scream sing!! Color your room with your favorite color, color your life.

Laugh laugh laugh!! until your stomach hurts!

Smile for no reason. Put a smile on someone face

Help your parents, friends, and strangers

Dance… let your body go wild … feel free to be free… breaking away!!

Watch the blue sky, wish upon the shooting stars.

LOVE!! It’s the best gift for your heart…love yourself…love everybody around you … get carried away… love the little thing in life.

Love every mistake every memory every smile every feeling every tear every fail every success

Don’t give up … try … your needs worth fighting for

Breathe!! Just breathe and hold on.

Be positive…

Taste the sweetness in your mouth

Smell the salt of the sea, watch the waves.

Touch some one life!!

Be different, be unique, and make a change.

Write a song!!

Dream….believe … care!!

Learn a new thing every day!!

Fly a kite!! feel young… ride a bicycle

See the pretty side of the world.