Sunday, February 28, 2010

Perfect smile

you asked me why I'm so kind ?

you asked me why I always smile

I tell you because that's who I'm

I'm a girl with the cheerful smile

I'm the girl who always hold tight

The one who keep things in paradise

Wishing peace and love all the time

Tearing during every kind of adore

The one who bright your day

Even she failed to bright her own

A broken heart, scars and running child

The girl who draw hearts all over the wall

And fold paper boats into oceans

The one who believes in fairytales

And wishing upon shooting stars

Who still thinking the moon

Is smiling to her every time she is blue

Swinging and swinging until I touch the sky.

Louder and louder I fill the space with laughter

With shades of my hands I create yours

With empty chairs I picture you

Building bridge and breaking walls

Flying bubbles and colorful butterflies

To the day I die I always

I wanna be remembered as the girl with the perfect smile.