Thursday, January 20, 2011


He is the ultimate happiness of every morning , he is the way I love to , the way I feel , they way everything as it seem he is the every miraculous spirit I have ever dream, he knows the real the unreal and even the inbetween , my love, you will always and still and will ever be something more than I have ever fallen for, for you again I shall say you discern it all , your ridiculously little niceties is all I want to pact , you know how to draw up the line when days drift it down, you create with your laughter and delightful seen , my smile.

I know I shall never reveal more for that I will never be, because you , and only you my incredibility fairy just for me , and for writing about you shall take more I have been given to live , and for how long I have given to live will never be fair-lived only when my skin is attached to yours , how beautifully this YOU because its just describing you, so grief me away with you till the wildest tide takes us together and for no eye could take the singing rainbow inside our wits , the shells , the sand , the sweet moon , the light, you propel just for me! To the end that shall ever ends because you again my love is infinitely loved .so kiss me my cherrybeans.