Friday, November 11, 2011

A winter tale.

Coldness was still hanging on the midair, the sun was trying to find her way among the clouds, and I stood there with my frozen fingers rapping them inside my pocket trying to get some warms. There seemed to be something in the very early morning, maybe the scent of dried tears on my cheeks, fossilized. I heard his steps' walking on the yellow dried tree leafs. I thought he belonged to such a beauty with his rosy lips and the lust under his eyes. A shy smile forms upon his face then he sighed walking toward me. I felt his embrace, warmness I didn't feel since winter came. My tears found their way again unlike the sun. "I missed smell of your hair" he said. I stood on my toes facing his thoughtful eyes kissing those cold lips and I could see with my cracked eyes the yellowish light emerging us. Thou this is all in my head, it all begin with a winter tale.