Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The silent moments...

The silent moments...

You start your day in silence in quietness

And suddenly you hear nothing but your own breath and regularly losing your sense of hearing, seeing, smelling…and everything around moves in slow motion.

In a moment you start wondering about your life your proposal your self and start realizing thing have been hidden as if your were blind before,

A moment of wonder a moment of silence is all we need to change your whole life

The moment you choose to open your eyes to welcome the new ideas to let things abnormal and just perfectly fit to u

It could be a moment when you finally decided to hear someone's advice or even yourself

Or a moment of believing that you deserve more and you want more from life

A moment is all we need …a moment of life

Before things goes back to normal before you could start listening to everything around you again and before you got into this so called busy messy life… sometimes we should slow down and just have a moment for ourselves… believe me its worth it.