Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm a tree , a sea , a breeze

I hear the stars whispering at the night

I hear the tress talking behind the leaves.

My mind bursting of million marvels and I'm naive how to light the sky along with.

Pens are writing empty envelopes through rainbow veins. I glue them over every shape of creation, and I wonder if I have been created differently something much more simpler, I have no roots to stand still nor I know where my thoughts , words come from, define me because gravity doesn't limit me from tasting the sky.

But I will be your sign of love

Your sign of beauty

And if I would be something else I would be tree, a sea, a breeze in summer time, eyes would fall on me like rain in windy nocturnal.

I would embrace you with my shadow

Splash you with my salt

I would be your brief.

I was created differently I'm the prevalent secret on earth, a walking miracle ,I only offer a smile, a sparkling color in my eyes through them you see a seashell to pick , a cherry tree to taste, and laughter among many memories,

My hair is bright like the sun, my soul is an ocean with hidden sand castle of thoughts, and I'm fragile cotton flower I'm human.

Because We long for cozy hot teapot with sweet company, a rush of bicycle race with a precious pal, or a glimpse of an admirer's eyes, our souls are fasten within our dreams locked in some where behind those fears WE ARE OUR SOULS I shall say to you. Watch the waves, the clouds, and the sun

They all lean down to you. Because you're the walking miracle. you're component of the universe that's why I listen to the sea where I belong , I belong to natural , I belong to you and because you just took a part of me and I took a piece of you right now right here reading this, We are one and for once stop hurting me or them or anybody else you only hurting your piece within me stop erasing your existence so pause listen to the universe , touch the sky , smell love, and drink happiness choose to be such a shooting star people will always look out in every sky .Reveal yourself to natural. This is more than life. the existence part forever after, the magic within the world the missing link to your contentment. Your soul.