Sunday, April 11, 2010

Fairy Dust

With every beat of my heart I will light up a candle so you can see how much your love glow my life… with every breathe of mine I send you a kiss that will wrap your heart and keep you warm for the rest of your life… the moment you blink I freeze the time so it wouldnt count on me.

You're not perfect I know you are

I'm not perfect I know I'm.

But you add something

And I obtain everything

You do love me

I know you do,

But somehow keep missing

I don’t know why!

You were far and I was there …I left and you were gone and

One night I woke up hearing you calling my name and fairy dust were gleaming everywhere I run and run aimless falling into million sparkling skies hearing the echo of your sound, I chased the wind holding your smell but I failed to grab any of those, I sit alone tangling my hair around … staring to those hearts with little wings flying above me

" oh that will take me to you" I tried so hard to hold on, to catch one … " little pinky hearts come back"

I ran to stairs hanging from no where but they were gone I was too late... I sit back on the same spot waiting for you, clutching that fairy dust from the air collecting them in my hand putting them against my heart they got fizzy as they felt my broken heart

I asked " can you fix it for me?" they tickled me so hard that I felt my laugh flying for miles I opened up my eyes and I found you…you were here besides me and

you said

"I heard your laugh it bring me alive, bring me to you…" I ran to you feeling your arms around me holding me tight that I couldn’t let go again

You were here and I was here

And I do know why

Because we were both in love.