Thursday, December 10, 2009


we made them …we miss them … and sometimes we hate them but once it become a memory we aren't allowed to erase them we try our best by getting busy . Having new hobbies or knowing new people but they find their way back to our life and then hit you when you less expected it

because Its there in your mind what ever you do when ever you go it’s the biggest part of your daily thinking … we may forget the details but we will never forget how it used to feel …how he used to make you laugh how she used to comfort you … how good having this person in your life … the feeling is always there waiting to go out by any kind of way … yesterday

I was walking alone in the street it was freezing the rain has just stopped leaving everything sparkling under the moon light I put my hands in my pocks to warm them a little then suddenly I heard a song coming from a window with short purple curtain, the cold wind hit my face with the melody of the song, I know that song I know every single word of it …its you who used to sing it to me …its you who I remembered!! You know this feeling the sudden flash that makes your mind go searching for old memories and feeling

It was like the music playing on my heart with a hammer breaking it into million pieces

And I cried

The weirdest tear you would have

A tear full of sadness, love and curious if that person still remember you the same

A very heavy meaningful hurtful tear

A tear that you missed that person so much that you feel you have lost part of your soul

The feeling of secure happy and belonged is no more there

The smile which light your whole day up is gone

The grave, the passion, and the intimacy found their way out of your heart

I cried for the things I will never forget, I cried for the mistakes we made, the moments we waste I cried for you if only you were here beside me playing with my hair like we used to be, if only we can share laughter again …and if only we weren't that stupid to let go

..and I drew in my own tears and thoughts.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A place

I'm seeking a place

A place where I can rest and fine some peace

I haven't been home for 4 days or more

I really don't know where to settle

I went to my sister's house

But yet I can't relax and forget

I'm so lost and broken I wish I could lead my self again

I think everybody deserve to find a place just for him self

A place where he can think and be isolated from the world

A place where I can watch the sunset and hear some soft music

Some where beyond the sea or above the sky among the stars

Or even a tree house, somewhere away away from everything away from the people away from the traffic away from the troubles

My perfect place would be something beside the sea

Where I can smell the salt of the sea and inhale it deeply until it reaches every inch in my body

And wake up on the sound of the waves … draw on the sand

I'm seriously thinking of traveling for a whole or even a day I just want to rethink about lots of thing and find my true self

Oh god if only I can find this place…!!

Don't you thinking we deserve this place?