Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A place

I'm seeking a place

A place where I can rest and fine some peace

I haven't been home for 4 days or more

I really don't know where to settle

I went to my sister's house

But yet I can't relax and forget

I'm so lost and broken I wish I could lead my self again

I think everybody deserve to find a place just for him self

A place where he can think and be isolated from the world

A place where I can watch the sunset and hear some soft music

Some where beyond the sea or above the sky among the stars

Or even a tree house, somewhere away away from everything away from the people away from the traffic away from the troubles

My perfect place would be something beside the sea

Where I can smell the salt of the sea and inhale it deeply until it reaches every inch in my body

And wake up on the sound of the waves … draw on the sand

I'm seriously thinking of traveling for a whole or even a day I just want to rethink about lots of thing and find my true self

Oh god if only I can find this place…!!

Don't you thinking we deserve this place?


  1. Places like that exist!! I love home because of that...I need refuge too

  2. i love my home too
    but currently it reminds me all about what i wanna forget
    so i need a new place so i can go back fresh pure like before :)

  3. I dream of doing this too. I dream of a little shack near a waterfall in the mountains with a view of the coast line. The only sound - birds and rushing water, the only smell - fresh air, coffee and chocolate.
    Nahla, your words are beautiful and fluid.

  4. For me that place is called writing. I go there to play and draw on the sand and lay under the sun staring at the blue skies above. sometimes I go there to bath in moonlight. But when I go I am not here and that is the important thing. To get away.To take a break. To think and be someone other than me if only for a while.

  5. Michelle thank you :) what a beautiful place you have in mind its amazing !!

    i totally agree with you tabitha , writing is a gr8 gift to all of us... it can take you any where you want and get lost in your own beautiful thoughts

  6. Good luck in finding a place you can call home :)

  7. this was beautiful, truly beautiful.
    and that picture is just stunning!

  8. tee tee thank you :) I'm so glad you like it <3

  9. when you find that place PLEASE let me know where it is and let me come with you!

  10. sure i will kenna :D ... u r so lovely :)

  11. love this:) i want to go the beach so badly. thats where im going to live. and i will travel the world!

    your blog is awesome!

  12. yeah madi that's my dream too :D living by the sea ... and traveling around the world

    thanks a lot :) <3

  13. you know what? i love to have a tree house too when i was still a kid. you're right, seems we have a lot in common. :)