Friday, June 3, 2011

This post dedicated to my friends and family

For all what have you done for me I can't thank you enough or even describe how joyful you made my life, this year on my birthday you made this week a piece of heaven I wanna thank each one of you. Not mention that :D I had three surprise parties in a row

To Dina AbdelRhamn : you're the dearest sister ever, I can't even imagine my life without you , you have been always there for me no matter what, in the happiest and the worse you never leave and will never I simply love you. You're everything to me.

Yomna traeQ: you're just perfect the way you're don't ever change or let anyone let you down, your innocently, your smile, your care everything make who you are. I can't thank you enough for what you have done to me I'm speechless. I love you.

Sosa: I love you crazy sis =D you bright my day seriously, it's about time to thank you for everything especially those rides 3altol t3benk keda =D.too much for me.

Nilly : my little sister I adore you, you remind me a lot of myself seriously.

Cuqui: Admit you love me because I do a lot :D my music partner.

Nada: there no such a word to talk about you, sisterhood indeed and I shall remind of that =) forever I love you.

Ahmed: I really missed your smile, I want you to smile more and know of sure everything shall pass. =) loving you.

Passant: you make laugh the most you're just beautiful. I love you.

Hend: Thank you babe , you're just amazing.I love you.

Memaz : I love you daughter =D and Mahmed mira : GOD I LOVE YOU

Too many people seriously: ALaa Doha, Rana, Sarah, Hedaya.Fatma Khald I love you guys.

And everyone who made smile: Nessama, Menna Amr, Shehab, Bazoka, Nada Auf, Amr Kahter, Amr Saed, Nahla Maher, Hader Taha, Lamis & Salma Magdy. Special place in my heart =)