Thursday, November 12, 2009

It never end .... !!

When I was young and before I actually get my life my bio teacher once told us in the class that "men love stupid women… so try to be one to please him" and like every advice she told us we took it in our so UN experience mind and with a thrill.

And as I grow I saw lot of girls just losing their own personality, their goal, their hobbies even their career and eventually their life and becoming just the shadow of him, the pale person, and the unspeakable mind.

Sadly is it? To lose half of our society just to please the other half!! If we really are sure that something please them after all!!

Do we really have to lose ourselves?

While I was watching the devil wears Prada and step ford wives for the million times I asked my self the same question

Do we always have to choose between your success in your career and your personal life? Do we always have to step forward no matter what? And what ever it takes? I have lot of ambition for my career I actually wanna make a different in the world; I really wanna be something for several reasons

It's not that to prove that we can do it!!! We have proved that from million years ago and we are already doing it!! But still we face lot of difficulty in that issue!!

What men say to women when they wanna work!!


"your number one career in the world is to rise the children and take care of your home plus why do you want to" tbhdly nfsk" when you can stay at home like a princess"

It's too familiar to us to explain

Yeah its true if your work just give you hell then look for a better place but who said you will always gat what you want that easy !!?

We have to work hard sometimes to get to the right place.


"Our religion state that women should stay home and men get the money for living it's not right for you to work"

Completely wrong… our religion valuable the women in very single way we have to be comfort in our life because we have a very important role so as long as we are comfort and working with decent people then why not?

"El saeda Khatiga" had her own business and she had her own source of money.

Actually she married "el Rasol" (salah Allah 3leha w salm) from her business trading and it was okay for her to work!


"You will be busy all the time … I just want you to be mine"

So selfish!! You will be out of home most of the day

And we will stay home lonely waiting for you in a bad mood

And of course you will be stressed from working so I will hope that you will understand what I'm going through and you will do the same and none of us will ever be pleased!! WHAT A LIFE!!

And a lot a lot of saying … it never ends !!


  1. Oh I really hate men who do so. You see, a man wants to be "the man" of the house, the one they need and the fact that his wife can go out there and work just like him scares him to death, because in that case he'll not have absolute authority.

  2. a relationship must be a partnership afterall...

    visiting from Passionate Blogs, have a great day! I think I'm "bloggyblocked", can't put my thoughts into words so I'm going to show some bloglove and go comment-crazy instead!

    have a great day!

  3. You're lovely (:

    And oh my god I had so much to say but then Alanis came on! Epic.

  4. Hello Nahla
    firstly I want to sya that u have have a really nice name :)
    never heard of it before
    I like ur template and blog picture as well :)

    As for this Blog post.
    men can be scheming little bitches sometime
    they want everything to work out their way
    and just because they feel like let a woman work would make her a little more inteligent and opinionated and they wont be able to control her anymore.
    plus there are chances she might become more successful and they in no means want that to happen
    so ya
    if a man tell u stay at home, you're a princess u should know he's just manipulating u

  5. may thank you :)

    lavender :D thanks so much ..i love ur name too
    and yeah i agree with a true man is the one who will respect u the way u r and what you want !