Saturday, January 2, 2010


And send a spark to thousand hearts apart

To look up into the sky because it still blue when ever the sun goes down you will always find the moon

A bird can fly high above as long as she lives

So go let yourself free… take a deep breathe and dare to set ur dreams free, open your eyes again because the sun will send her light into every soul, with warm charm we will wait for the moon … it will take your breathe away with million accompanying stars, staring at you with magical milky way, so feel the cold air inside of you. Healing your broken heart with every raindrop

And when the leaves turn yellow and fall of the tree. they swam in thousand seas … it will take your eyesight into the dawn ,playing with his brush, drawing a colorful rainbow with all the hopes and faith in the air then its time for night to take turns and leave a glow in your eyes, like a beautiful lady dressing a gown of diamonds, sending her black hair over the ocean waves so the shells can tell a fairytale about how a mermaid fall in love because that's how you and me hold our love … so there I stare for all above waiting for the sky to send my own spark, until I tied my rope into the moon and watched the reflection of million sparkling hearts, a tear fall down of my eyes making my heart the most sparkling of all .


  1. That's so sweeeeeeeet :)and I loved the last line " a tear fall down of my eyes making my heart the most sparkling of all " awesome :D

  2. ABSOLUTELY remarkable:) Expressed passionately and beautifully. I loved it :)

  3. Terrific, some great lies here. I like the comparison to the mermaid. terrific