Tuesday, March 16, 2010

keep trying!


  1. it's not easy to give up something you want :) but there is no point in waiting for something that might never happen either :)

  2. :D you know i disagree in this point nothing is impossible !! you must keep working until you reach it your goal no matter what my point was Never give up :)

  3. Nahla, I love how similar our names are! Mine's Nahl. And trust me, I'm going through a break up so I know how hard it is to give up something when that's all we want.

  4. and then cannot stop thinkin about it
    and when it turns away you'd just die !
    yes .. you're right I agree

  5. ..u knw it might never happen..but dats everythin u want..
    ..dats wen arises a mirage called 'hope'..
    ..dats wht keeps us goin..
    ..dats wht wheels d world..
    ..dats wht makes d impossible become possible..