Thursday, April 1, 2010

Swinging !!

Sometimes life become so overwhelming just like a big swing

The one that everybody adore , admiring the rush of it , everyone getting on board smiling enjoying the slow ride and it unexpectedly turn up so quickly so fast that you forget to breathe , your heart speeds and become so numb that you can't feel a thing… just passing by , colors become figure-less images disappearing and voices , so many voices are blending together becoming silence, very loud silence that can hurt your ears , fading away and you are totally alone in the world NO the whole world disappeared you escaped time ! The swing is too fast and too strong to handle so you wait around for it to slow down and jump or otherwise you can jump whiling spinning ignoring the fact that you may crash and hurt yourself roughly into emptiness!!


  1. البحر واحد و السمك الوان

  2. I had never thought of life that way.
    we perceive it differently. you know!

  3. i didn't say life i said SOMETIMES !! big different !! life is not easy all the time and not supposed to be!! that's normal !!

  4. howa ei da!
    is this post supposed to convey easiness. At all!
    I am sorry.

  5. you thought its about someone didn't you ?

  6. Oh wow! Nahla, this is absolutely innovative and solid. THe way you embodied your though and put it down in this manner is simply amazing!

    Loved this one, the implicit message got across easily :)

  7. I think that waiting till the swing slows down is just not fun at all :D life is supposed to be fast and slow, hard and soft, happy and sad and you can't just wait around till the bad part is over even if you're going to get hurt.

    And I adore swings :D I like the post too :D