Tuesday, June 29, 2010

a facelift

I don’t know why people think too much before showing a sign of love!! Terrified of rejection maybe? Or anxious of not receiving back the same love? But the whole point is to love and later for sure you will be loved by someone or everyone throw it at the world and it will come back to you in a way or another! To love is more effortless than most people imagine it could be just a smile or a caring touch! I heard before "tried too successfully" that when you pick up the phone for someone you like you have to SMILE they will hear it in your voice and it will send a message to their brain that you're happy enough to hear their voice and enjoy one hell of good conversation! Simple and easy but people used to forget those petite details...which actually make the different in life so then life become hollow and alike ..

a friend of mine which I miss really dearly told me before that love is an ability differ from human to another in which I absolutely agree .. In that case having an ability means you have the skills to grow! It can be bigger for sure stronger and more creative!

So expand your love ability, the world need your love you were born with it! So why not use it!! Give a face lift for someone today :)

P.S : small things can really save people out there check it out !


  1. Nice post Nahla! At first i thought it's about surgical operation facelift but when i read it then i knew it wasn't about that.

    All we need is love! You totally gave me a facelift today. Thanks :D

  2. hahaha :D !! i don't know anything about surgical operation :D !!

    glad to give you a facelift mishieru :) really !!

  3. well, fear of rejection is tough!
    but you have to try ..if you never tried u will never know!
    and one thing you have to put in mind when someone reject you its not always YOU ..it could be anything else! there is always someone who will love you for who you're you just have to look for that person!

  4. I am following you! love your blog. Interesting topic! :)


  5. What a lovely blog!

    If you get the time, I'd be very happy if you checked out my blog - I think you will really like it :))
    I hope you have a wonderful day and I can't wait to hear from you! :))

  6. Nice blogging!

    And as long as the love is genuine, then love on!

  7. Cute post! And I definitely agree, if you love someone you should tell them! And brightening someone else's day will inevitably brighten yours in return :)

  8. I agree share some love :D you will always be rewarded with love in return.