Saturday, December 4, 2010

last month of 2010

Is it already the last month of the year? I really wanna end this year additionally begin a fresh new one thou I had a great things this year I finally get into the university I wanted and studying something I dreamed of, Español :D yes I actually can speak a little Spanish now it's dazzling however it keeps me busy like hell no time for anything just going to the Uni everyday getting back home for studying and eventually sleeping no time for writing , blogging but I missed writing, I missed holding the pen writing what I feel and thoughts, I normally write allness in my note first then copy them here, I do not know why but there is something about the pen that makes you fall inlove with writing in how you can draw the word according to your feeling!

oh and its getting cold here which something I love I have no clue why people hate winter and cold, it's always a chance to let out your warm feeling everything become magical people are more relaxed , friends are so closer and cozy , ice cream taste better I LOVE ICE CREAM IN WINTER! The house become so warm, the streets, tress, everything get cleaned and sparking from the rain OH THE SOUND OF RAIN! Clothes become so trendy and classy I missed all of that! Oh anther thing such a messy random post :D but I know something I have been writing my diary for more than five years and just today I realized that I am doing it wrong I just write my affection, thoughts, dreams and goals I do not write what I did yesterday or what happened last week I do not write about the people around me thou I am every fond about writing about souls, people and friends I WANNA WRITE ABOUT PEOPLE. Weird me that is something to think about! How do you write your diary??

I found this

from Sarah " one long road " and its beautiful.


  1. I agree...holding a pen i just more inspiring!
    Your blog is pretty good!
    Well my writings in my diary differ everyday they range from thought to important decisions i took to people i have met to hopes...EVERYTHING
    and again i love your blog

  2. You're so pinkish lol.
    The only diary I truly have is my poetry, not a "daily" thing to do but once I express something in a poem/prose I can stay on it for a week or more :)
    With time you will realize that writing is your only way out of everything, everything!

    You're an Alsun student? if you need any help I studied Spanish as well.

    Write on!