Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Left in the past

It was just like today…the day we were sitting here alone nothing but the sound of the sea and the shinning stars

I was just right here and he was just right there beside me, holding me tight that I could hear his heart bits when I looked into his eyes and saw the sparks just like the moonlight and I said “I can’t believe all this love is just for me!!’’ he looked to me and said “nothing is too much for you” then I felt his warm kiss on my forehead.

I took a long and a slow breathes and smelt the salt of the sea. I could feel the cold breath going through my hair making it so messy. It was a cold night and I could feel his tenderness warms me and his love surrounding me. Make me feel alive and fresh.

And now as every breath I take I remember every single memory we had together the laughing and sweet talk and the look on his eyes when he sees me. I lay down on the sand so I could see the stars, and I saw it, I saw the big star it's was very shinning as it always have been, that the star he named after me. If only I could say to her to bring those days back, if only you could tell him that I missed him... I need him … I really do love him. In that moment I realized that he wasn't there at least not with me. I felt so cold and insecure. I stood up and walked toward the sea until my feet toughed the cold water then I kept moving alone on the shore hearing his voice inside my head saying things I never forget. My tears where running on my face like rains. How could I forget those days with him? The days when I just look to him and couldn’t do anything but to smile as some joys are better expressed in silence as a smile holds more meaning than words. The days when I just look to his eyes and get lost and nothing bring me back to life but his voice. Should I move on in my life? Not without you. Could this pain ever end? Or forever I'll hold. I pick up a small stone from the shore and throw it away in the sea away in the dark away from everyone, could our love just disappear like the stone in just few seconds going down to the deep bottom of the sea. Yes our love will be just a memory left in the past. But May never a moment go by without you in side my heart.

Nahla ali


  1. it really touched my heart
    it's awesome

  2. Neihad thanksssssssssssssss :) i'm so glad u like it :D it mean a lot to me 2 :) !!