Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Moving On ..

Its the most messy note u will ever read but that's what i feel is the begining of my new diary a whole new but i wouldnt throw the old one yea it has lots of sadness,heart breaks and way lots of tears but it also has the most joyfull moment of my life wat has gone has never been less important than wats comming bec it defind apart of u ,apart u wanna keep or wanna fix.
its crazy 2 realize that things become so clear in the middle of ur darkness & how can u become stronge in the middle of ur weakness.
how chocies can change ur whole life not 4 better nor the worse but 4 the new of u 2 take wat u need not wat u want...
so i'll begin wiz my messy start bec i'm not seekin 4 perfection but 4 the better..
if it rains on me who cares..rain is joyfull i'll dance ..
if it gets dark who cares dark is peaceful i'll rest and count the stars..
if i'm lost i'll ask a friend 2 lead 2 show me the right road.
and if i'm whole alone thats how life tells me 2 stand & carry on its ur turn 2 build ur self &lead it,2 hold 2 ur beliefs
We forgot that we r humans must fall & raise and we must ask god 2 give us the ability 2 stand strong in the middle of the battle dosent matter 2 lose or won but 2 believe!
One of my biggest lessons of my life is 2 be myself ,love who i'm ,not faking wat most ppl wants and if i'm lucky enough i'll feel the poweful wind of love & acceptance.
so i'll love as long as i breathe
forgive as long as i live..
As i told ya i'm movin on ;)
Nahla ali


  1. I love the last line, really do!
    Thank you for following my blog :)

  2. Oh sara thanks that mean a lot to me :)
    i really do love ur blog :) !!