Monday, December 14, 2009


Today: well I'm wearing very colorful unmatched pair of socks and I made myself a cup of hot chocolate … it still freezing here,

I realize that I spend 40 minute every day alone in the subway, taking the Metro to my college doing nothing but staring at those so unfamiliar million faces around me with my rock songs playing in my ears. Its weird knowing that each face of them have his own life, own secrets and own problems, they are so different in shape, sound and color.

I really wish that it could snow here

Really snow … that would make the whole city a sparking crystal with colorful lights at the night everywhere … that would be magical … I wander if I will ever have the chance to walk on snow and have a snow fight with my friends.

I really wish that I could spend more times with my friends I really miss them, in winter me and my best friends used to have a walk at night eating ice-cream, people used to stare at us if we were paunch of mad girls for eating ice-cream in the coldest night and we used to fill the street with our laughter I missed that feeling

I have this huge hole in my chest and its getting bigger every time I cry …and I do cry a lot I became very emotional those day I mean VERY emotional not only crying for watching a movie or hearing a song but also crying while watching cartoons yeah I know freaky .

I also cry while watching some people happy I don’t envy them or something! It just I wander if they really appreciate the happiness they have! … We truly wouldn't appreciate happiness with sadness

I get this awful feeling at the night before sleeping the lonely feeling… its really waste of time if you are not with the one you love.

I wanna write about forgiveness, I really love, appreciate, respect forgiveness it's so powerful.


  1. Jacob dah mozza =D
    bi w tri w 7aga 5ra assasn :D :D
    PS. delete this comment if you wish =D
    oh and listen to I belong to you...

  2. You know, lately I've grow really empathetic towards people in grief, regardless of the reason. I also read your last post.

    I can't tell you something you didn't hear before, but I can only ask you to accept that you are only human. Sadness and nostalgia make us who we are. Once you know that's normal, it'll only be upwards from there. Trust me, this is not theory, it is practice.

    There's a big puzzle that's your life, this phase you're going through, is only one piece, that DOES fit in that puzzle. You just many not see that yet...

    Have a great day :)

  3. comment as u like bbe :D

    wessam really thank you
    u r totally right without pain we wouldn't grow ..its just everything is in a mess in the same time

    i really wanna find this piece of puzzle :D

  4. I know the feeling you wrote about.
    you have a really nice blog, have a nice weekend.

  5. looks like you really love and cherish your friendz
    They're lucky they've got a friend like you :)

  6. First of all I love the colors you used in this blog :). You are a very sweet girl and don't feel bad for being emotional it's one of the best things of being human in my opinion okay sometimes it's annoying to feel too much but trust me you don't want to loose that :D finally I love you for loving edward honestly jacob is hot yeah but edward is still the one and the movies will never be better than the books it's just not possible :) keep it up (Y)

  7. Ambitious aspirations keep us alive indeed:). Rambling thoughts, uncertain urges, repressed dreams...*sigh* life is utterly confusing and inspiring:).

    I loved this post and how you randomly and beautifully wrote down simply what you were feeling precisely with no considerations in mind:). Simple, compelling, and considerably interesting.

    Thank you for sharing this valuable emotional expression:).

  8. Great post. Lovely blog. You put your thoughts out there very nicely.

  9. thank you :)

    I think I am ok now!