Monday, January 25, 2010

Since I was eight!!


  1. Ouch!

    Thinking of Ü!


  2. Hey!

    haZmat any1 seen ¡DagoTe! lately?

    Must B out hunting....

    Never mnd...


  3. hey !!
    thank u for ur comment, it mean a lot :) !

  4. I am sorry. and sad. wish I can make you feel better =(
    well see,

    Everything happens for a reason, and you should know that this reason lies its eggs in your own good,
    I am one of those people who STRICTLY believes in fate's comfortation.
    when a bad thing happens it happened for your own good.
    when someone walks happened to be also for your own good, be it the lesson the maturation the experience.

    the thing is you have no control over life whatsoever. BUT;
    God is safe, and merciful and loving you so when he takes something from your life-the life he owns- he does it for your own good he does for your ultimate BEST. so REST at this =D (maybe that's why I don't like whiny people or the always unhappy nor satisfied folks/ and maybe I also should stop being the fucking judgmental that I am =P)

    and KNOW:
    its LIFE after all, we leave and we AMORTIZE you know, so don't fret or grieve or dwell or be depressed. because you were there originally to be happy and relieved.

  5. i know and i agree with you
    i know God did what best for me
    i know one day i shall thank god for that
    i know i deserve better and i will have better
    i have faith in God more than anything and anyone i do believe that !!
    but like you said the lesson the maturation the experience.i have to feel pain, sadness to appreciate happiness i can't just lose something and move on so quickly that i forget to get the lesson from it and actually learn from the experience
    God created sadness and pain for a reason too we should feel them because we r only human and maybe in the hardest time in our life pain will make us realize and appreciate a friend who stood beside us one day !!

  6. don't mix up between life's natural dose of suffering and the sadness we drag ourselves into...
    that's my point.

  7. These things take a long time to get over, but unfortunately as we get older people change. It's hard to deal with because you love the person you remember and saw all his best qualities.

    You can still appreciate the guy you knew. That was still real. It's hard to face things we love changing, but everything changes eventually. Try and enjoy what you have and let it go, that way you'll be ready for the next thing to find you.

  8. yeah i got ur point :)

    brent thank you ... and yes its very hard
    i will try to look at the bright side !!

  9. I don't know if anyone told you this before, but please listen to me. The moment you made yourself sure that your he is yours and nothing will change that, you were also making a big mistake. Now-I know this will sound like thses boring adult speeches but I know it's true-is the time hwsen everything in our lives undergoes a lot of changes, our personalities is no exception. He changed and that is nothing out of the ordinary because we all do and when we change, the change touches everything even the ones we once adored; do the one thing you must be sure of is to be sure of nothing.

  10. Maha !! thank you bbe :) i will isA i will get better soon !! i will stand on my feet again
    thank you all :)

  11. Okay My comment is like a month later but I will say it anyway :D. Sweety, Bad things happen in life , that's a fact we all know and we all have a hard time accepting it. He left because he changed and you probably changed too but maybe you don't know it yet. You lost a lot I know but think of it as a chance to explore more in life. A chance to actually find something better. He choose to leave and you have to choose too either to leave too or to stay caught up in the past. I guess by writing this post it means that you chose to leave . It's not easy to let go I totally know but you have too. I wish you all the best :).