Thursday, January 28, 2010

Dear God, I trust you.

I trust you God I thank you God!! For everything and every breath!!

I thank you God for showing me how merciful you are and how he is not!!

I trust you God beyond anyone trust … I trust you that one day it will turn to be something great … I trust you for the unknown, for bringing a side of me that I don’t know !! I trust for my new turn … until the day I fulfill my dream and be everything but ordinary then for one day I will glow my own way!!

I know I can do it because I always believe and I will always have faith in you!!

For every tear ran down my face it will be replaced

By a laugh full of joy!!

For every scream of sadness it will be replaced

By a scream of success!!

For every dark moment it will be replaced

By a light of hope!!

For every time I faked a smile to hide my pain

I will truly smile from my heart this time

Oh dear God mend my dear broken heart!!


  1. thank YOU for an inspiring post :)

  2. Beautiful:). I loved it Nahla; it shows how cheerful and determined your aspirations seem to be.

    I am wishing you the realization of every dream and personal ambition :).