Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Its boys vs. Jeans

- Well jeans can't play play station all the time and forget all about you.

- Jeans are always there for you when you need them unless they gone to be washed

- If you get bored with your jeans, you can just go out and buy new one that you like more.

- You can exchange jeans if they are not right for you and no one get hurts.

- Jeans don’t have mean friends who talk bad about you.

- Also you can change your jeans every single day and no judge you or call you a bad names.

- New pair of jeans always makes you feel good.

- You can share jeans with your mates ...but I guess you can't share her boy friend: D.

- Jeans can go with everything.

- You don’t get so blushed in front of a pair of jeans.



  1. blÜ jeans are - Xcept for only the most auster of occaisions or on the hottest of day¡Z! - about the only thing I really care to addition to the flip flops and tee.... :)


  2. ..jeans..a gals best fren..