Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The long road

People choose things, things that might give them gladness or open new doors for them or just for the sake of change … they assume that some day some how their life will be exactly what they predict in mind they wait and linger hoping one day its gonna happen the change will knock the door off and the story will began … just wait and hope. They observe their life from a window passing by, not good enough like a lost dream you can't figure its meaning … they depends on destiny their big hero in the story, he will throw something on their head someday that will change it all, I do agree destiny is a source of hope the unknown handler who we will have faith in!! They said life is our choices its 50/50 deal...Do what you want and deal with what you don’t …it's your action …your reflection …your vision!

Some people come across and change your vision about life they even will take your breath away from time to time but the thing is we all are afraid from greatness we love those who come a cross and turn our world upside down they make a different in the world but we envy them clandestinely what they have, we don’t have? What it take to be such a person in people's life! Did they choose differently or they were blessed enough to know the right from the wrong? Right or wrong according to who or maybe they based their choices on other peoples outlook.

Or signs...yes signs from life that leads you, after all I think its more simpler a big one road and lot of new turns that you could take or walk along the same road hoping you will have the sign you want to see, people who you want to be with and the most joyful feeling of all if you looked back and saw your footprints in every way you passed by! Just make sure you don’t wait on the sideways waiting for some kind of change coming to you after all you might be near… you will get the life you wished if you are smart enough to realize what you have and what you are capable of. we all are great in some way we deserve a nice balanced life.


  1. Your most mentally satisfying post i presume:).

    Excellent choice of descriptive sentences and metaphors. I loved it. Inspiring and makes sense in numerous ways.

  2. i think signs are very important, and every choice you make takes you more towards where you want to be, or at least helps you learn a little more about who you are.

  3. very deep thinking about life.. this post is full of mysteries..

  4. Mmmm... yummy thoughts. I love that last sentence. "We are all great in some way..." Too true!