Sunday, February 21, 2010

The list

Waking up today I realize that the past two years were the worse years of mine … I lost the love of my life... I lost one of my best friends and I went to a college that I hate and still do!

And suddenly I said I can't just keep living like that I decided to pay a visit to a hospital near me (that actually one of the solution that I want to when I see my life so messy) when I went there I saw people in a real pain… they have cancer or Aids and so many things that made their life upside down. Actual pain!! I saw how strong they are and how they are keen on living no matter what and no matter how old or young they are!! And every time I couldn’t find anything but to smile to their face and ask God to help them!!

I'm one of those people who keep thinking that if anything went wrong then its my fault then I realize… no this time its not my fault I did my best I was there I was supportive. They have lost someone who actually care and love them more the world! I even fought for them!! So that's it I will let go of everything and if I'm keeping anything it will be their sweetest memory!

So when I got back home I starting writing my list of things that I'm grateful to have in my life (this my 2nd step to feel good)

First of all I have my parents … which I love so much… so many people lost their parents or don’t know how precious they are!! Family is everything!

My friends … Four days ago I read a post of a friend she was talking about her Guardian angles " her friends" I really love it and it left me wondering why she call them " guardian angles" I couldn’t understand. I mean I love my friends more the world but I wanted to know why she called them angles … then one night I was crying non stop I was so down and blue I called a friend " Dina Abdel Rhamn" and she listened to me for hours crying, she even came to me and lighted my whole day then I said " thank god for sending me this angle" then at this moment I remembered Mona's post!! and next day i found my friends at my house all of them They are truly guardian angles ... I love you guys and i wanna thank you all

I have a very comfort home!! I can go and sleep feeling warm while listening to the rain and wind outside!! Some people weren't blessed enough to have such a thing!!

I can breath, see, hear and feel!! And I have a good heath!!

And a really long list…..thank God


  1. that was a very wise thing. Sometimes we need to look at the less fortunate to realize how blessed we are

  2. I do the same things you did only in my mind :D. And you have to see other people's pain to realize that alot of your problems aren't really that bad :D. Try to have a wonderful year this year :D.