Sunday, September 30, 2012

 I feel as if I am meant to do something different in this life that I am meant to fulfill a destiny that normal humans do not even consider. I always find myself observing others reactions. Sometimes when people are engaged in a conversation, instead of joining in, I merely look at how they react to each other's' responses and I just find it fascinating. It's really weird for me to feel this way sometimes because I have to always remind myself that this is not normal and that I should just interact with other people.

Also, I experience déjà vu whenever I pass by the sea that has an air of mystery to them. I always get this sense of longing whenever I pass by anything nature-related or that just seems so peaceful to me. I get this sense that I've lived there before or that my déjà vu is hinting that I have lived in a different time. I really do feel like this era is not one that I am meant to live in, I just feel like there is so much that I have to accomplish in a different time

I feel like I'm perceived as a very quiet girl, but really, no one knows what's on my mind. I also have this inexplicable love for anything that is vintage. I am always drawn to vintage, old fashioned items and I just get that sense of longing again. Am I going nuts?